Anna Reith is an author, artist, freelance writer, and editor. She lives behind a keyboard in the far southwest of England.

Since the late ’90s, Anna has contributed poetry, short stories, reviews, and columns to numerous online and print anthologies, magazines, and journals. Her artistic and written works have featured in mixed media exhibitions, festivals, and on radio, and she has published a wide variety of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry… under an even wider variety of pen names.

Anna’s indie fiction is available under the Frith Books label she owns and operates and, currently, she is also published by Crossroad Press (Dark Continents imprint), Books of the Dead, and Random House Struik (eKhaya).

Her work frequently blends and crosses genres, but has a strong emphasis on dark fantasy and speculative fiction, often with elements of horror and the macabre, and usually a twist of dry humour. Occasionally, people have accused her of literature, but she tries not to take it to heart.

Her fiction has received enthusiastic praise from readers, and Anna has placed highly in a number of international short story competitions, including the South African Horrorfest Bloody Parchment literary event.

As M. King, she writes LGBTQ romance and erotica with a focus on strong, relatable characters and compelling, lyrical prose. Her work is published by Lydian Press, MLR Press, Dreamspinner Press, Wilde City, and other notable queer-friendly houses. More details available at

As Chastity Vicks, Anna writes kinky erotica and erotic romance (queer and straight) published by Lydian Press, Ellora’s Cave, Amias Press, Running Press (USA) and Constable & Robinson (UK). And no, it isn’t anything like Fifty Shades of Wossname. Find out more at

When she isn’t writing, Anna enjoys doing chaotic things with paint, taking long, muddy walks with her dogs, falling off horses, and dabbling in her herb garden. She has an academic background in Classics, history, and art history, and holds an M.A. in Medieval Studies from the University of Exeter. She is just as much of a nerd as you suspect.