ARCHIVE: Reviews of Ghost of a Kiss

Reviews for Ghost of a Kiss, referring to the edition published in 2008 (Wild Child Publishing) under the pen name M. King:

” vivid descriptions … wonderful … poignant “

4.5 from ROR Reviews:

Reviewed by Val Pearson

“Sarah has just unexpectedly inherited a house from her aunt Charlotte in a little village in Porth Greavy, England. Sarah had lost contact with her aunt over the years, and she believed her aunt had re-married abroad.  Self-employed as a landscape artist and with no relationship to tie her down, Sarah can travel to England to take care of the legal matters pertaining to the house.

When she enters The Red Lion, a local pub, many of her aunt Charlotte’s old and dear friends greet her warmly.  They also share the stunning news that Charlotte hadn’t dated, let alone re=married.  Sarah chalksit up to a mistake on her part.. the house surpasses her expectations in more ways than one. Sarah receives visits from a mysterious stranger stranger, who goes by the name Michael Polrose, and she becomes more intrigued with each visit.

M. King has written a sweet story, and I enjoyed Sarah’s character. An adventurer at heart, she truly appreciated her surroundings. I enjoyed the mystery of Michael, Charlotte and Sarah.

King crafts vivid descriptions that made me feel I had joined Sarah in the house, pub and village. I loved the ending, which made one think about love and mortality. I think King did a wonderful job with this story and I only wish it would have been longer.”

5 Flutes of Champagne from Cocktail Reviews

American Sarah Poole is surprised when she finds out that her aunt has left her a villa in Cornwall, England. She embarks on a journey to visit the house with the idea of selling it, but something about the place urges her not to.

The villagers seem friendly enough, and one in particular visits Sarah frequently. Who is this Michael Polrose, and how come she doesn’t see him in the locality—when she’s in the pub or the shops, or even on the streets? The mystery soon becomes clear, and The Ghost of a Kiss ends on a very poignant note—one that gives us mortals hope that there is somewhere else we go after death.”

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Ghost of a Kiss is available singly as an ebook, and also in the printed short story collection Black Ice.