Black Ice: collected stories

Black Ice: collected stories

Black Ice: collected stories

ISBN (ebook): 978-1-907623-43-1
ISBN (paperback): 978-1-907623-12-7
Kindle ASIN: B00843HOBS

Length: 62,000 words (248 .pdf pages) / Collected Short Fiction
cover art by Anna Reith

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Black Ice: collected stories may be bought in paperback from Amazon, or ordered through your local bookstore, using the ISBN number: 978-1-907623-12-7.

The stories from this collection are also available individually as ebooks, and The Red Man is available to read free in its entirety either on this website or as a downloadable ebook from

Seven tales to intrigue, entice, and unnerve. Black Ice: collected stories is a compendium of dark fantasy, magic realism and horror that blurs the boundaries between myth and reality, imagination and nightmare.

In The Red Man, an archaeological dig unearths a secret that should have stayed buried. Black Ice sees an Arctic trucker stranded at the mercy of an unforgiving nightmare, while Glaistig of Glenmuir and The Night Shift explore ancient tales of the Fae, brought unnervingly into the contemporary world.

Ghost of a Kiss and Thirteen Maidens explore the mysteries of place and local legends, from stone circles to the wildness of the Cornish coast and, in Chiaroscuro, an art history student’s obsession with a painting changes his life in the most haunting of ways.

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