REVIEW: Dead in Time – You Gotta Read Reviews

Dead in Time received a rave review from author, editor, and reviewer, Nerine Dorman, writing for You Gotta Read Reviews.

As many of you know, I don’t usually collate or reblog reviews, but Ms. Dorman has been an amazing proponent of this book. I think she liked it. 😉

What I really enjoyed about the story was seeing Damon Brent through the eyes of the people who were close to him. Each viewed the man through a different lens, and not all the opinions were complimentary. This offers a very balanced perspective on the man, which I really appreciated as a reader. I could make up my own mind about whether I liked him. Yes, he may have been a conceited, preening peacock, but Damon Brent possesses an undeniable magnetism. Alive or dead.

Another aspect of the novel I enjoyed were the flashbacks to the unfortunate series of events leading up to Damon’s untimely demise, as told by secondary characters. Everyone has a motive, it would appear, and Reith’s orchestration of past and present offers a masterful mélange not always easy to accomplish without giving the game away.

Reith’s overall characterization is exquisite, as is her use of language. That she understands music and loves it deeply is so evident. Dead in Time is worth reading on multiple levels, not just for the prose and the obvious dedication on the author’s part for her subject matter, but also for this slice of nostalgia. Reith has made it onto my permanent list of contemporary authors who are firm favorites, and if there is one book you read, inside or outside of your chosen genre this year, make it this one.

You can read Nerine’s full review here and, if you missed them, here are links to her personal review and the interview I gave on her blog.