REVIEW: Dead in Time

A lovely review of Dead in Time, kindly sent to me by Tracey Stewart, the author of this fabulous book blog (and I’m not smarming ‘cos she said nice things –  not totally). Snippet:

“It’s a straightforward idea – a ghost prodding the living to resolve the manner of his death. But this – this is unique, and beautiful, and so well written. The characters are wonderfully drawn – I don’t remember enjoying characterizations so much, not in a long time. The writing is filled with sharp observations and humor, a solid knowledge of music and a kind of alarming depth of knowledge of glam rock.”

“… It’s so frustrating to read this, so real that I should be able to go to iTunes and download Brother Rush. I want to.

In the meantime, what I can do is refer this book to everyone I can think of, and read everything Anna Reith has written. And I will.”

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