The Maker of Days

The Maker of Days

© Anna Reith. All rights reserved.

When I wake, there is this filthy smell in the air. It is everywhere. It seeps around me like fog: thick, enveloping, constricting. I cannot breathe in without it filling my lungs, cannot breathe out without tasting it on my tongue. For a moment, I panic, and with the panic comes nausea. My stomach rebels against the rankness, yet the nausea itself is familiar enough to jog my memory, and at once I begin to relax. Continue reading

The Weeping Blade

The Weeping Blade, in Dark Harvest (anthology)

Dark Harvest, featuring 'The Weeping Blade'

A whisper of butterflies’ wings promises a lonely old man his heart’s desire; mages draw upon music to work magic; and a fearful symmetry threatens an alien realm. Be it in our dreams or flights of fancy that take us into uncharted territory, our hopes and desires often birth twisted imaginings.

This selection of tales, some devious or whimsical, others downright eerie and unsettling, offer glimpses into other, darker realities. Continue reading

The Night Shift

The Night Shift

The Night Shift

Animal Control Officer Rebecah Pearsall hates working the night shift. As a full moon rises over Seattle, there are even more crazy people than usual roaming the streets, and Becah really doesn’t need any more complications. But an encounter behind the local pizzeria brings her into contact with the strangest dog she’s ever seen – and Gabe, who really isn’t your average black-leather-clad elf….

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Courting Seraphs

Courting Seraphs, in Bloody Parchment: The Root Cellar and other stories (anthology)

Bloody Parchment: The Root Cellar and Other Stories, featuring 'Courting Seraphs'


Bloody Parchment is the international literary festival component of the annual South African Horrorfest event. The Root Cellar and other stories comprises creepy tales from 2012’s winner, Toby Bennett, runners-up Anna Reith and Chris Limb, and other finalists.

Courting Seraphs by Anna Reith: Ouseman Fahd is unusual. Somewhere along the line between life and death, mortality and the infinite, he walks. And where Ouseman walks, the seraphs watch. Continue reading