Taming the Stars

Taming the Stars, in Suspended in Dusk (anthology)

Suspended In Dusk, featuring 'Taming the Stars'

Suspended in Dusk is an anthology of horror and dark fiction from Books of the Dead, including offerings by Angela Slatter, Toby Bennett, Benjamin Knox and many more.

Taming the Stars follows the intersecting paths of Esther, a woman with an unsettling secret, and Michele, a young man drawn into her world against his better judgment. Do we ever really know who the monsters are?

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Welcome to the Neighborhood

Welcome to the Neighborhood

© Anna Reith. All rights reserved.

There was a party going on when they arrived. Any other night, Tina would have been pleased by the fact. It meant the neighborhood wasn’t as uptight as the last place they’d lived, where the simple jubilant shout of a child riding past on a bicycle had lacy curtains twitching and old ladies’ lips pursed in lemon-sucking moues of disapproval. It had been impossible to do anything there without someone passing comment. Continue reading