The Weeping Blade

The Weeping Blade, in Dark Harvest (anthology)

Dark Harvest, featuring 'The Weeping Blade'

A whisper of butterflies’ wings promises a lonely old man his heart’s desire; mages draw upon music to work magic; and a fearful symmetry threatens an alien realm. Be it in our dreams or flights of fancy that take us into uncharted territory, our hopes and desires often birth twisted imaginings.

This selection of tales, some devious or whimsical, others downright eerie and unsettling, offer glimpses into other, darker realities. Continue reading

Er… glam what?

Er… glam what?

If you’ve looked at my book, Dead in Time, you may have the sneaking suspicion I’m a fan of ’70s glam and classic rock.

But, you might be asking, what is this peculiar musical phenomenon?

Glam rock gripped the world for a few brief, shiny years in the early 1970s. Musically characterised by zippy pop/rock numbers with driving bass and 4/4 beats, big, fat guitar sounds and frequently ridiculous vocals, it was unashamed, flamboyant… and paved the way for the stripped-back approach to music that, later in the decade, would see punk bursting out onto the scene. Continue reading