Taming the Stars

Taming the Stars, in Suspended in Dusk (anthology)

Suspended In Dusk, featuring 'Taming the Stars'

Suspended in Dusk is an anthology of horror and dark fiction from Books of the Dead, including offerings by Angela Slatter, Toby Bennett, Benjamin Knox and many more.

Taming the Stars follows the intersecting paths of Esther, a woman with an unsettling secret, and Michele, a young man drawn into her world against his better judgment. Do we ever really know who the monsters are?

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The Weeping Blade

The Weeping Blade, in Dark Harvest (anthology)

Dark Harvest, featuring 'The Weeping Blade'

A whisper of butterflies’ wings promises a lonely old man his heart’s desire; mages draw upon music to work magic; and a fearful symmetry threatens an alien realm. Be it in our dreams or flights of fancy that take us into uncharted territory, our hopes and desires often birth twisted imaginings.

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